2014 Legal Studies Undergraduate Research Conference

Friday, April 25, 2014
12:00 PM - 6:45 PM
Legal Studies/JSP Building (2240 Piedmont)/Goldberg Room
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Christina Carbone
Legal Studies

 All students, members of the law school community, and members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend this year's Legal Studies Undergraduate Research Conference. This conference features 5 panels of students from across Berkeley's campus presenting their original research involving law and legality. The conference begins with a lunch at 12pm in the Goldberg Room, with panels running throughout the afternoon at the JSP/Legal Studies Building (2240 Piedmont). The conference ends with a reception at 5:15pm. Please direct any questions to Christina Carbone at stevenscl@gmail.com.

2014 Legal Studies Undergraduate Research Conference        


Welcome Lunch (Goldberg Room—Room 297 in Law School Building)



Panel 1: Judicial Decision-Making (Sanford Kadish Library—Legal Studies Building, 2240 Piedmont)

Cristina Henriquez, Legal Studies & Political Science

            “Signaling the Supreme Court: Lower Court Dissent and Certiorari Grants”

Alex Wolinsky, Legal Studies & Economics

            “From the Brink of Death: Judicial Legitimacy and the Supreme Court’s Retreat from Abolition of Capital Punishment in the 1970s”

Sherry Xia, Legal Studies & Statistics

            “Social Science and Judicial Reasoning in the Context of Employment Discrimination Cases”

Panel Moderator: Ryan Copus


Panel 2: Law in Action: Examining Law in Organizations & Locales (Selznick Seminar Room—Legal Studies Building, 2240 Piedmont)

Lauren Week, Legal Studies & Political Economy

“Expanding the Prior User Rights Defense: Analyzing the Impact of the America Invents Act on Small Businesses and Independent Inventors within the Silicon Valley”

Xiuyuan Hu, Legal Studies & Political Science

            “A Nuanced History: China’s Constitution Making in the 1950s”

Angelica Mantilla, Legal Studies

“A Study of How Participants in Local Bay Area Organizations are Empowering the Undocumented Youth Movement”

Panel Moderator: Andrew Brighten





Panel 3: Law & Warfare (Sanford Kadish Library—Legal Studies Building, 2240 Piedmont)

Michaela Pluskovich, Legal Studies

            “Keeping Faith Amid the United States’ War on Terror: Investigating Religious Freedom in the East Bay Muslim Community”

Kenna Falk, Legal Studies & Psychology

            “Does Age Matter? Motivations for Supporting ‘Enhanced Interrogations’ in the War on Terror”

Antonny A. Oliveira, Political Science & Rhetoric

            “The Ethics of the Use of Drones and Its Implications on Just War Tradition”

Panel Moderator: Luke Haqq


Panel 4: Marginalized Groups & the Law (Selznick Seminar Room—Legal Studies Building)

Skye Niles, Gender & Women’s Studies

            “Early U.S. Drug Policy as a Method of Racial, Gender, and Sexual Control”

Anavictoria Avila, American Studies

            “The Disposables: An Analysis of Street Memorials and their Implications for Youth Gang Violence and Incarceration among Marginalized Black and Latino Youth”

Wendy Melissa Hernandez, American Studies & Public Policy

            “A Qualitative Study on the Intersection of Higher Education and Incarceration in Latino/a and African-American Households”

Panel Moderator: Katie Heard




Panel 5: Criminal Law (Selznick Seminar Room—Legal Studies Building)

Olivia Cusimano, Legal Studies & English

            “Murder, Media, and Mayhem: The Metamorphosis of California Murder Cases to International Media Sensations”

Virginia Murillo, Political Economy

            “Maintaining ‘Secure Communities’: The State’s Role in Using Traffic Violations for Deportation”

Andrew Roesch-Knapp, Sociology & Art Practice

            “Solitary Confinement & Collective Resistance: The California Prison Hunger Strikes of 2011-2013”

Jacob Metz, Legal Studies & Political Science

            “The Price of Markets: How the Logic of the Market Transformed the American Penal System”

Panel Moderator: Johann Koehler


5:15-6:00pm  Closing Reception (Sanford Kadish Library—Legal Studies Building) 


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